tarts and mush peas

Signature Vegan Dishes

Signature Vegan Dishes

Sophisticated sprout
Grilled Sprouts, baby asparagus and white bean hummus 

Tempura Zucchini blossoms
Tempura zucchini blossoms stuffed with pumpkin, fresh herbs & native lime

Scallops not scallops
King oyster scallops with smashed green peas and basil oil

South Indian Curry
Coconut Beluga lentil South Indian Curry

San Marzano DOP
Linguini with San Marzano DOP, baby capers, olives, kumera and Thyme

Your Fantasy Toadstool
A la Alice in wonderland…a mushroom delight, the surprise is hidden inside. Eat with your eyes and revel in the ultimate fungi

South American delight
Charred eggplant and red peppers with chimichurri sauce

Indonesian satay tofu
Puffed tofu, peanut sauce, fried shallot and toasted black sesame